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NetVision Customers

NetVision solutions make life easier.
And people like that.

NetVision has hundreds of customers across numerous sizes and verticals. Some of our customer industries include Healthcare, Finance & Banking, Government, Education, Energy, and Transportation. Here are what a few of our customers have to say:

"With NetVision's real-time monitoring in place, we've been able to reduce our oversight by at least 70%. NetVision quickly enables us to meet reporting requirements and presents data in very clear and understandable ways."

- Isaac Dunifon
Allen County Sheriffs Office   [case study]

"We are very happy with SIMON, and with the efficiency gains we've achieved by using it. SIMON has given us the ability to respond to security events and audit requests quickly and accurately, which has made a big difference in our bottom line."

- Cheryl Reynolds
Systems Manager
Drees Homes   [case study]

"From an operational standpoint, NetVision's solutions have really helped us cut down on man hours in terms of research, and that's really where we believe you get your ROI."

- IT Analyst
Regional Bank   [case study]

"It's not just a metaphor to say that NetVision acts like another United Bank employee. Because we're a bank, our audit staff comes from a financial background. Rather than hire a technology auditor, NetVision plays the very critical role of providing clear reports about access rights and user behavior without requiring non-technical auditors to sift through system logs or other technical jargon. NetVision actually eliminated the need to hire another employee."

- Steven Piubeni
Assistant VP
Information Systems
United Bank   [case study]

"We use NetVision to respond to audit requirements. We need to provide reports on user accounts and administrative changes, and to ensure that there are no generic accounts (non-person-specific) hiding in the system. Reports that used to take me weeks to prepare now take only 15 minutes. And the quality of the reports is much better."

- Anne Hyppolite
New York Public Library

"What do we like about NetVision? We like the details it gives us in tracking identity activity and the rights people have."

- IT Staff
Utah Valley University   [case study]

"With NetVision monitoring in place, we were able to dramatically cut down on the amount of time and expense spent responding to auditor requests. NetVision quickly enables us to meet reporting requirements and presents data in very clear and understandable ways."

- Rich Clayton
System Security Analyst
Pacific Capital Bancorp

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