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NVIdentity, formerly known as Synchonicity, has been a trusted platform migration and synchronization utility for more than a decade. NVIdentity enables account provisioning and password synchronization across Novell and Microsoft networking environments.

NVIdentity Capabilities

  • User Account Provisioning / De-provisioning

  • Password Synchronization

  • Password Strengthening

  • Password Self-Service

  • Directory Integration / Migration

NVIdentity Features & Benefits

Self-service password reset utility – Help desk resources are preserved for other important functions and organizations typically save 30% in overall help desk related costs.

Automated user provisioning/de-provisioning – Allows new employees to get productively working faster, and saves software licensing costs by enabling the immediate removal of employees’ user accounts upon termination. Eliminates liability associated with orphaned accounts.

Mature, proven product, original pioneer in identity management – Unmatched stability and scalability and simplifies administrative operations.

Simple installation and operation – Works right out of the box and requires no consulting or custom driver development.

Password strengthening policy enforcement – Eliminates easily cracked passwords in directories and applications.

Leverages existing management infrastructure – No requirement to learn new databases or interfaces.

Non-intrusive architecture – If NVIdentity is turned off, synchronization simply stops and the native platforms are untouched.

Transaction-based, "Primary Directory" approach – Primary enterprise directory becomes authoritative hub for managing user identity and access data across the enterprise.

Centralized administration – Enhances security by providing administrators a central point to manage accounts and enforce password policy compliance.

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