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NetVision Whitepaper:
Expert Insight on Windows Access Rights

The Inside Scoop on how
Windows File System
Access Rights
are Actually Granted

Whitepaper: Expert Insight on Windows Access Rights

This paper guides you through the complex web of Windows file system permissions and provides guidance on how to effectively take control of the challenges that lie within.

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Paper Excerpts

...There are multiple ways to assign permissions to a given user account. In order to answer the question Who has access to what? it's critical to understand the different mechanisms by which permissions can be assigned.

It's the combination of the various permission vehicles that determines a user's effective rights and indicates whether the user will be granted or denied a particular action. No single permission can answer definitively whether a user will be granted access. An evaluation of the complete set of permissions is required to answer the question...

...A good rule of thumb for deny ACEs is to use them only when you need to deny access for a subset of a group which has been explicitly allowed access on the same object. Similarly, they're useful for limiting certain permissions for a set of users that has been granted Full Control...

...The hierarchy of permissions specifies an order of processing that is mathematical in nature. It follows a set of precedence rules to determine the effective permissions for a given resource and ultimately whether a requested user action should be granted or denied.

There are a few special circumstances which affect the hierarchy of permissions and need to be reviewed when considering whether access will be granted or denied...

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