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NetVision NVAssess

NetVision NVAssess provides
automated reporting
on Access Rights

Easy Reporting on User Accounts and Security Groups

NVAssess enables automated reporting of user accounts and group memberships in the network directory. These accounts and groups enable access to sensitive information across the network. Understanding accounts, account status, attributes, and group memberships is a key aspect of answering audit questions about access rights.

NVAssess enables you to report on any combination of object and attribute in the directory as well as to gather a robust set of file system information. This includes answers to common questions such as:

  • What Accounts Exist?
  • Which Accounts are Enabled or Disabled?
  • Which Accounts are Dormant or Unused?
  • Which Accounts have Specific Attributes (job titles, departments, etc.)?
  • What Groups Exist?
  • Which Accounts are Members of Which Groups?
  • What Permissions Exist on a File or Folder?
  • What Trustee Rights Exist in NetWare?
  • Where do Certain File Types Exist on the Network?

NetVision NVAssess Datasheet


  • Flexible Querying: NetVision NVAssess policy queries are open and flexible. NVAssess sees all schema extensions and can apply constraints on queries to generate a highly relevant result set.
  • Schedule: Policies and reports can be scheduled so keep data fresh and up-to-date.
  • Export/Email: Reports can be exported and emailed to business managers or auditors on a scheduled basis.
  • Integrated: NVAssess works across multiple platforms and is fully integrated with NetVision NVMonitor and Access Rights Inspector to provide complete access rights coverage in a single, easy-to-use reporting console.


Microsoft Networks

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Active Directory

Novell Networks

Novell NetWare

Novell eDirectory / NDS

Novell NSS on SUSE Linux

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