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Windows File System Access Rights

Who Has Access to What? Understanding Access Rights in the Microsoft Windows File System is usually quite complex and time consuming. Rights are granted in a number of various ways, inclusing: inheritance, group memberships, directly assigned rights, and negative or "deny rights" entries.

NetVision provides answers on user access rights on the Windows File System telling you which users have access to which files. And with NetVision's real-time monitoring, we can send immediate alerts when sensitive files or folders are opened or updated.

Windows File System Security

Any given user or group can be granted rights to any number of specific files or folders. Here are a few of NetVision's core file system capabilities:

  • Report on currently assigned Access Rights on both Windows File System and Active Directory.
  • Report on Active Directory User Accounts and Group Memberships.
  • Monitor Rights and Permission changes on files and folders.
  • Monitor Property changes on files and folders.
  • Monitor Group Memberships and send alerts when critical groups are updated.
  • Monitor changes to User Accounts such as new accounts, re-enabled accounts, updates to critical attributes, and more.
  • Monitor User Activity such as who is viewing or making changes to a file or folder.
  • Report or Alert on Who, What, When, Where & How for all of the above.

Accesss Rights Inspector

NetVision new Accesss Rights Inspector provides quick and complete answers to access rights questions on Windows File System files and folders. Accesss Rights Inspector provides multiple pivot points so you can search by user OR by object. And you can choose whether to view in tablular format or walk through an expandable and collapsable tree view.

One of the common challenges associated with Windows File System security is that:

Administrators have too much control and
there's no system of checks and balances

Expert Insight on Windows Access Rights

Fortunately, NetVision solves these problems with simple and effective solutions that are quick to implement, easy to use, and significantly reduce organizational risk.

Please contact NetVision or visit our products page to learn more about how NetVision solutions can be implemented to support improved security and simplified audit of your organization's Active Directory infrastructure!

To get a complete picture of NetVision's capabilities and ownership options, please sign up for a Free product demonstration >>

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